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Originally Posted by Homeboy Hotel View Post
He's bunked off half the year with illness yet when I've worked out he'll just drop down to a mere #9 or #10, only if his 'friends' below him don't suddenly turn on their hidden GOAT modes.
I miss Robin. Never thought it would happen, but he added something and now that he's gone, I miss him ... stay away from the contagion, Robin! ... guess we won't see him again till next year ... hope he comes back 100%


K so, Homeboy, what are your calculations for Delpo? If he wins here in Vienna (which seems likelier day by day), then he'll have an additional 250 points ... or will he? ... why did this atp writer say it would be 230? was that a typo? 20 points less than the tournament represents? Is that possible? ...

"Del Potro can add 230 South African Airways 2011 ATP Year-To-Date Rankings points by lifting the Vienna trophy this week. He is currently No. 13 in the battle for London with three spots left up for grabs."

thx ........ now for question #2: If Del can't statistically make it into the top 8 even if he wins the remaining tournaments between here and London ... can he statistically make it into the top ten by year's end???
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