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Originally Posted by Limpinhitter View Post
- You backhand slice is typical of a primary 2hb player - complete absence of forearm pronation on the backswing and suppination on the forward swing resulting in an arm swing in which you rely on forearm strength.
This ^. I agree. His slice is pretty typical of someone with a 2HBH - it looks like an afterthought. It wont get much bite hitting it that way - the stroke is too through-the-ball as opposed to downward angle on impact. I am a little suss when people treat the slice as for being only when you can't reach the ball enough to hit a 2HBH - a good slice can be used any time as a mix-up shot imo. Without having the confidence and skill to hit it often it opens a big hole in the repertoire of a player, especially if they want to play doubles.

Originally Posted by Limpinhitter View Post
- Your volleys are competent, but, you don't look particularly comfortable.
The backhand volley in particular looks quote awkward and coached to me. Some time spent with a good volleyer would do wonders here. Forgot the coach you're using (he's already shown he hasn't taught him the goods here) and find a top doubles player from the club he plays at - asks them for some volleying skill practice (either side of the net for example). Anything other than a confidently hit volley is not good enough at competition level nowdays.

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