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Originally Posted by Love Game View Post
sad for delpo's loss today ... tipsy also lost in st.pete's

k, so del won't prolly be in the top 8
but he might very well end up in the top 10 by year's end

juan just seemed to run out of gas today in the third set, even end of the second, and jowillie got stronger as the final progressed.

JWT gets 250 points
JMDP gets 150 points
Omg 25 aces for Jo! And only 4 break points for Delpo, 3 of them in the very beginning of the match. No wonder he lost. Now to Valencia, where the field looks very strong, such players as Verdasco, Isner, Davydenko, Cilic are unseeded! Delpo himself is drawn to meet Tursunov in the 1st round, then probably Anderson and probably again Tsonga in the QF. I wouldn't count on Delpo going too far there....
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