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Your game looks great especially for 4 years playing.

I have 3 points you might want to consider.

1. Shorten your swings. Specifically, your forehand backswing. The head of your racket is laying very far back on your forehand to the point where your opponent can see it sticking out behind your body. You practically never see a swing that big at pro level because you do not have time. Also, it just give you a lot more room for something to go wrong. Backhand is also a bit big too but not quite as bad. On BH, racket goes very high on backswing and lays back behind your back a bit like the forehand. Go to or yourtube and watch Federer and Agassi forehand and Safin or Agassi backhand. If you were their opponent, you would not see the racket sticking out from behind their back as they take backswing. Their racket basically always stays in front of the body - remember they turn their shoulders sideways so "in front of their body" will be pointing toward backfence at longest point but still slightly in front.
2. Your FH grip is a fairly extreme W. Maybe trip to move it up a bit toward SW to handle low balls better as others have mentioned above.
3. Your volley follow-thru is a bit long. When practicing, try ending the follow-thru with your strings still pointing roughly toward your intended target. This type of small tight stroke will make your volley much more dependable. I use the phrase "catch the ball on the strings" or "stop the racket at contact" to limit my follow-thru. When I think these phrases, the racket head still moves thru the ball a bit but it is much smaller and tighter - improving consistency. You can still get pace on floaters with this type of stroke by moving into the shot with your body and feet when you have time. When you don't have time, you will need the compact stroke to maintain control.

Any change will take time but it is possible. I think shortening your strokes will help a great deal as you can still generate a lot of power and consistency will be much improved. It will also improve your ability to handle pace and to adjust to different spins.

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