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Originally Posted by dcdoorknob View Post
Ok, just for clarification, lets say I played 3 leagues this year, adult 3.5, tri-level doubles, and mixed. Am I correct in thinking that only the adult league matches will count towards my rating? The tri-level doubles and mixed matches (even post-season matches) have no weight whatsoever for my rating?
Most likely yes ... this is what I have read before for most sections but each section can be different.

Just to confuse the issue a little ... I have heard rumors that our section was going to begin counting mixed into the formula but that is purely speculation and I have not seen anything official about this.

The USTA purposely keeps details about the formula it uses secret. Perhaps because it a proprietary formula and they worry about competitors, or perhaps they want to keep players from manipulating the system. In any event, there used to be considerably more official information on-line but I am seeing less and less official communication from the USTA about their system. Most of the information you get here is speculative at this point because they guard their formula very tightly and recently there have been some dramatic changes.
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