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Originally Posted by g4driver View Post
I'm curious if you know if Adult Single's counts toward a your NTRP year-end ratings or not.
Originally Posted by islandtennis View Post
The Districts do not decide what counts or not, the Sections do. The only difference between Sections that I am aware of is in regards to "T" ratings. Generally the only "League" that counts (besides mixed exclusive) is what is known in the Southern section as the Spring League.

The October deadline is because the National Playoffs have just finished up for the "Spring" league. This needs to be finished before benchmark ratings can be factored in.

G4, Singles League does not contribute to ratings in the Southern Section.
FWIW, here in Richmond (we're in the Virginia District of the Mid-Atlantic Section), our Singles League Special Notes specifically says the Singles League results count towards your NTRP. When I try to find a specific citation at either the District or Section level, I come up empty. Grand result: whether a particular league's/season's results count towards NTRP depend.

Personally, it doesn't matter to me whether a particular league counts. Either I'm gonna play in it (and play to the best of my ability)...or I'm sitting it out (usually for logistical or monetary reasons).
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