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Originally Posted by travlerajm View Post
I've found that running shoes definitely have more cushion than tennis shoes, and so it really helps keep my knees tendinitis-free.

Also, I argue that running shoes actually reduce my risk of rolling my ankles. Tennis shoes have wider base and hard edges, while running shoes have much softer edges.

Once you start to roll in tennis shoes and get past the point of no return, you've rolled it. Now you're out for a few weeks.

But with running shoes -- and the softer edges -- there is no point of no return. When you start to roll a little, you can always catch yourself.

I used to roll my ankles fairly severely and frequently until I swtiched to running shoes 5 years ago. Now I know that tennis shoes are dangerous and high risk for my ankles.

By the way, I am being 100% serious -- this post is no joke.
Except for you (and the hippie who said the classic 'You are just slaves to the great sports shoe conspiracy man.' ) , almost all are saying the opposite.. now, I understand this was your experience... but do you have any other evidence or a study of some sort?
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