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The only time I wore runners to tennis, when running forward and going into a slide, the high spacious top of the running shoes (rather than the flat boat-y prow of a tennis shoe) allowed my big toe to bobble up inside, the shoe gripped the tip of my big toenail and bent it back resulting in pain, a black toenail, and the loss of it later.

I stopped ever contemplating runners for tennis.

I have seen someone wear the tough cross country hiking type boot (not leather) with the fairly raised teeth underneath, and as a non-flexy, tough and hard shoe it seemed to suit their flat non-explosive footwork on synthetic grass - they were a real grinder-type player - fairly well. Still, wouldn't want my toenail bent back in one of those.

Interesting topic - caught my left toe while moving side to side last night and rolled my ankle. It was in a weakened state due to the last injury 6 weeks ago. Wasn't wearing my ASO brace. Am thinking to wear braces henceforth on both ankles as preventative (a la Murray, Hewitt et al). It's not just the shoes. I have wonderfully flexy and bendy ankles - it just so happens not particularly suited to tennis and will have to wear braces as preventative from now on because each rolled ankle is 4-6 weeks out.

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