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Originally Posted by g4driver View Post
The USTA is about as non-standardized of a large organization that I have ever encountered.

Standardization would make the USTA a better organization IMO. The lack of standardization from one area to another is a joke.

What is one area played all matches with 8 game pro sets or banned self-rated players from playoffs.

The fact that the USTA fails to have the same rules across the country is embarrassing IMO.
What do you see as the value of standardization across areas?

99% of players only ever play within their section. There is just a small % that get to mingle with players from another section at Nationals, or that live close enough to a neighboring section to play in two sections.

So for the huge majority of players, what impact does it have on them if other sections have different rules / regulations?

On the other hand, having different rules / season calendars / etc, allows each section to tailor things based on the weather / preferences / demographics of its residents.

Kinda like every state can have different laws, tax codes, etc.
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