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Originally Posted by 380pistol View Post
Everybody knows about "The Tie Break" (McEnroe/Borg), but what are other great tie breaks (you've seen) that have been played. Based on quality of points, importance of tie break in the match, and the match itself.

Off the top of my head I have.....

Sampras/Corretja (9-7) - 1996 US Open QF 5th set -Pt. 1 -Pt. 2

Becker/Sampras (13-11) - 1996 ATP World Champ F 4th set

Agassi/Sampras (7-5) - 2000 Australian Open SF 4th set

Henin/Capriati (7-4) - 2003 US Open SF 3rd set

Safin/Federer (8-6) -2005 Australian Open SF 4th set

Federer/Nadal [10-8] - 2008 Wimbledon F 4th set
Rosewall-Laver at 1972 WCT and Connors-Borg at 1976 US Open are as good as any other seen.possibly better, quality wise.
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