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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
USTA does have national standards for league play. They are lengthy and involved, IMHO.

Why do we need more, exactly?

Anyway, if someone is going to deliberately cheat (as in the example you gave of a player creating a new identity for league play), having more detailed national rules will make no difference.
Cindy, I am not talking about league play. You misread my post.

I am speaking directly about governing rules of what counts toward NTRPs, penalties for known cheating like in the example I gave above. The USTA is certainly NOT standardized across the nation in these areas.

How would you feel if your team had lost a match before you got to Nationals by one court, and the person who beat you was really a 4.5? So you as the Captain file a grievance, but the Sectional USTA doesn't vacate the wins of the cheating player, and their team still went to Nationals and your team didn't. That is the type of standardization that could easily be solved with a National Standard.
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