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Thanks kylebaredrick. I didn't know that. It makes sense.

Since the ratings are coming out soon, I wanted to use the ESRs to see how many players the team will lose, and options for the those players getting bumped. Getting bumped on 3 Dec 10, and trying to find a new team in less than 30 days sucked for my older guys last year. Last year the ratings came out so late in Dec guys had less than 30 days before the new spring team starting registering.

It's also useful for a team that loses two-three players via bumps as it's nice to know if you can find two to three guys to step in. As a Captain, it sucks to lose your best singles player and best doubles players. The guys who don't play as much see it as a chance to play more USTA matches. These are same guys who only play during a league match, never a drill or practice to actually improve. I see it as a great way to lose more matches next year since these guys don't practice, if the Captain can't replace his best players.

I don't Captain a team so two or three of my weakest players can play more USTA matches if the strongest guys get bumped. Shocking I know. The best players practice on their own, they are steady and win more. Amazing how that works.
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