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Originally Posted by g4driver View Post
Orange Power, I don't manage my rating either. I play the best I can play in practice and in matches. If I'm bumped, great, if I'm not bumped, great. Tennis has many options regardless of a rating. It's nice to have options.

Maybe it's the fact that I've been flying for 20+ years and like to know the rules.
Hey, didn't mean to imply anything about you and your rating - was just poking fun at AngleQueen and the board in general... eveyone is so obsessed with rating when really it's just an artificial construct designed only to ensure competitive matchups for recreational play.

And thanks for your detailed response re the standardization. I get your points. I just think that you're in the small minority of people that play across sections and so are impacted by the lack of standardization. Most people play completely within a section, and so what other sections do is of no relevance. I still think the pros of tailoring things to the needs of every section far outweigh the cons of any confusion caused by lack of standards.

Your personal example as a pilot is not quite analogous; obviously pilots from various areas interact a lot and need to have common standards. Players from different sections typically don't interact.
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