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OrangePower, can you understand why our State not counting Single's matches toward an NTRP could affect others playing in our state, but it might not affect you or Hawaii?

The self-rated 3.5 would have to make a choice. Would he be playing 4.0 if this affected his NTRP? A National Standard doesn't hurt you and protects our area from people who do this. If this guy plays up and his matches count, he is bumped to 4.0. Right now, he can play 4.0 Singles Spring and Summer and none of these matches count.

How in the world does a National Standard affect NORCAL? SOCAL? Or another area of the country? Please enlighten me as I am completely baffled. National standards don't add any restrictions to a local area tailoring their local needs in any manner. What is does do is put everyone on the same sheet of music.

My example is to show how standardization works. When you've never seen an organization that uses a system with standards it much harder to see how jacked up the USTA is regarding grievances, and what counts vs what doesn't count in your NTRP. A National Standard would have zero affect on your local area, other than possible stopping some sandbagging.

The TSA is a another example of a non-standardized organization. Crewmembers can carry coffee through in every city but Orlando. It has nothing to do with security, but the Orlando TSA doesn't like it, so the local TSA makes crew put coffee in a bag then walk through the scanners. We still have coffee, but the TSA feels better because they made us put the coffee in a paper bag. Security Theater. But no purpose whatsoever. It doesn't really affect anyone, but it's a rule that someone came up with just because.
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