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Originally Posted by OrangePower View Post

I'm not sure I completely follow what you're saying. I'll retry. It's a National Organization. A National Tennis Rating Program. What Norcal wants or what SC wants should get brought up at a National Meeting, discussion, then a vote and one rule for everyone, hence National, regarding NTRPs, grievance procedures, and standardized punishments.

It seems your grievance is that your section does not count Single's league matches towards NTRP, and you want a national rule to force all sections to count all leagues towards NTRP. No I don't. I don't want all leagues counted toward your NTRP. I want everyone on the same page. That's all. I just want everyone standardized.

Q: If the program is truly National, why should each Section cut and paste and pick and choose what parts of a National program they want to implement? That's not National.

How does that affect me in Norcal? Well, mabe in Norcal we don't want Mixed results to count for NTRP, because over here we don't believe Mixed is real tennis? Just kidding... kinda... point is, if there was a national rule such as you suggest, it has implications on other sections also.
A National program, that doesn't include Mixed Ratings would never affect you, me, Cindy, or anyone. My suggestion would simply let all the sections have a vote on each topic and the majority would be the National rule. Does Mixed Doubles count for anyone who plays Adult/Senior/Super Senior? It's my understanding, that Mixed only counts if you don't have a rating, and if you only play Mixed, then you get an "M" rating. Mixed Exclusive Rating. Is there any Section that counts Mixed Doubles towards and NTRP? I am not aware of any.

Ok, so you might say, allow Norcal 'override' that rule, if we here feel a particular league shouldn't count. To which I say, well, if you in (whereever you are) feel Singles league should count, then why don't you and all the others who feel the same way just pressure your specific section to make it count? I will be at the State Annual Meeting and will make these very points. My argument and theory is this should NOT be decide at a state or Sectional Level, but rather have all the Sections discuss together and then have a vote for everyone. There would be NO overrides. The program would stop Sections from picking and choosing and turning a National Program into a Sectional Program. It would NOT affect your league's tailoring to your players and your demographic needs.

On a different note, and about your concern that a self-rated 3.5 could just play 4.0 singles forever without ever getting bumped up... what do you care? Why I care is this. I had several friends on the team who lost to what I and many other players saw as a team with cheaters. Did it affect me personally? No, but it did affect my friends on the team.

Question back to you: So if a team played against your kids and cheated with a few 15 year olds in a 12 year old softball team, would you just "accept it and move on", or would you have the balls to stand up and say "Can someone show me those kids birth certificates.? The team that beat my friends cheated, whether you recognize or not. Whether you care or not, I do. It doesn't affect you or me, so I guess I have enough passion to look up the guy who beat down multiple 4.0s in a 4.0 Singles League at the same time he and his 3.5 Team were advancing in the playoffs. I will bring up the player's name, his record at 4.0 Singles and his record on his 3.5 Team in at the State Annual Meeting as evidence to a broken USTA National NTRP system. And yes, this did affect which teams advanced in the playoffs. The system is broken. The problem is finding people with enough guts to stand up in front of crowd with scores and evidence to ask pointed questions. If the self-rated "3.5" player I am referring had the 4.0 matches counted towards his NTRP, he would have be DQed at 3.5 on strikes, and possibly moved to 4.5. The players he beat were 4.0C rated players. But the USTA National System allows him to play and beat down 4.0Cs without penalty, and allowed him as a 3.5S to play doubles or throw games to avoid the DQs at 3.5. If you don't think the system is broken, you are blind in one eye and can't see out of the other. But, have solace, you have plenty of company.

There is always going to be a small percentage of sandbagger players who get their kicks out of beating weaker players, and they are always going to find a way to bend the rules to achieve their sandbagging dreams. Just accept it and move on. Most of your matches are going to be competitive and fun, and that's really the only point of NTRP. The system can change, but it takes passion, not apathy.
Part of the problem with the USTA is the apathy of the management. Roger Goodell is a leader. He gets it. The USTA is void of leaders IMO. And yes, I understand it's a volunteer group. I volunteer too. I've had multiple discussion about "Self-Rated" players with our local President and he too agrees with the call to Ban "Self-Rated" players from playoffs. The message has fallen on deaf ears. I will go to the State Annual Meeting with as much data as I can to prove my point. The local president told me "I know you 8itch about this and that, but with every complaint, your offer a solution. You bring up strong arguments. "

No malice toward you OrangePower. If I didn't make my early arguments clear, I apologize. I hope my thought process is clearer now. I understand local needs and demographics and am not advocating making any changes that would affect local play. My goal is to get a truly National System with the same rules for everyone. Wow, what a concept.
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