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Originally Posted by AlwaysImproving View Post

Yes, felt like a tennis ball hitting the back of my calf. No tennis ball in sight.

Yep - it felt EXACTLY like that. All morning long the courts next to us were accidentally having balls roll onto our court. Thought this was just another one. Too bad it wasn't.

I ripped mine today and guess I'll be without sports for awhile. Still in the denial stage. Went 3 yrs since this has happened. I wonder if the cooler weather had anything do to with it? Happened in my third set of doubles. Depressing. On crutches, started on ibuprofen, and will throw ice packs on it (6 hrs late). I did have one of those neoprene compression wraps on it immediately. Hope that helped. Made a MD appt for tomorrow, but I don't know what she's going to do to assist.

Does anyone know if Physical Therapy will help this injury?
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