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Originally Posted by krosero View Post
Newcombe won 80% of points started on first serve (67/84) and 45% on second (23/51).

Connors won 64% on first (63/99) and 66% on second (27/41).
Success on serve in rallies of 2 or more good shots (the serve being the first shot):

Newcombe 65% on first serve (31/48 ) and 42% on second (15/36).
Connors 48% on first serve (33/69) and 58% on second (18/31).

So if Connors could return Newcombe’s second serve he had good success, but that was not true at all with Newk’s first serve.

Newk's first serve, even when it was returned, kept Connors off balance.

Besides the rallies, of course, Newk hit a ton of aces and other unreturned serves. But his figure for 1st serve rallies is outstanding. Even when Connors returned the 1st serve he was at a clear disadvantage.

For comparison, when Connors managed to returned Borg's first serve in the '81 Wimbledon semis (a five-setter), he still won 50% of the points.

(However Connors had much lower figures on Borg's 1st serve in two routs at Wimbledon in '78 and '79).

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