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Originally Posted by krosero View Post
Sports Illustrated had a good report on the match:

Connors and Newcombe were both players that make an interesting contrast in styles. Connors as we all know, was arguably the greatest service returner ever versus John Newcombe, who was one of the greatest serve and volleyers of all time and with a huge service game.

Maybe it's so long ago but it always seemed to me that their first meeting at the 1973 US Open was an extremely high quality match and perhaps their best match. I think the people in the stands felt that too overall. Newcombe won in straight sets 6-4 (one break) 7-6 7-6. However but tiebreaks went to 4-4 so it was simultaneous set point in the second and simultaneous set and match point in the third set. It was an extremely close match.

It's a pity they didn't play more matches when both were at or near their peaks.
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