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Originally Posted by J_R_B View Post
Guys who are going to throw games and cheat the system to avoid DQ are going to do that anyway. In this guy's case, I'm guessing he wouldn't have played singles leagues at all if he knew those matches would jeopardize his 3.5 adult rating since it's clear he was willing to go to great lengths to preserve that rating. And the 4.0C guys he beat would NOT have had those loses on their record. Maybe then, one of their teams goes to the playoffs. So my idea at least stops the "4.0/4.5 from sandbagging at 3.5. Having Sections "Do their own thing" doesn't hurt other sections, but it sure protects those in sections like the Southern section who have loopholes that are easy to manipulate.

You make it sound so simple, but the crux of the matter is that you can't control cheaters no matter what you do, and most of the penalties that are put in place end up catching people who are playing honestly rather than those that are willfully manipulating the system. I get that people will cheat. But when you have a bunch of non-standardized policies with "Honesty" as the lock, the USTA seems to stop just shy of encouraging cheating. They don't even censor people for doing what the sandbagger from the upstate of SC did. The USTA just looks the other way. Apathy rules. Pathetic IMO. Cowards. I told one of the guys on my team, it doesn't affect me, but the system is so flawed to allow this to happen, that I for one am willing to bring it up with evidence at the state annual meeting with my idea of how to at least stop the guy from playing in a single's league. If the USTA refuses to ban self-rated players from the playoffs, the very least the USTA could do, is not allow guys like this to play singles at 4.0 and beat down the 4.0Cs. If the USTA is ok with sandbagger wrecking one league with their "Honesty safeguards" , at least prevent guys from doing the same thing in Single's Leagues. Again, this hurts you or anyone how JRB or OrangePower?

One of the penalty I was looking for was a ban from USTA play for a period of one to two years for people who knowing register with a new USTA number, and a new name at a level one or two levels below their current level. How does that hurt honest people?

Please explain to me how my idea of every Section having the same procedures hurts any other Section? Neither you nor OrangePower have done that. I've asked several times to be enlighten, but the fact remains, that neither you nor OrangePower can give one example. It really is that simple to have a NATIONAL TRP.

The manipulators are too smart to get caught.

I really have no problem with Sections wanting to do their own thing.

Please tell me how my idea is flawed. Give me one example. I understand why people are afraid of change. It's different. People like stability. Last night all I heard from and over 50 crowd was the complaining about the new 40+, 55+ 70+ Age Brackets for the USTA Leagues.

I spoke up and said "Everyone of you can play in two leagues, many of you in three leagues". A 43 year old can play in one league. Under the new system, every one of you can still play in two leagues if you are 49, three leagues if you are 55. How does this hurt you again?" Crickets. Nothing. Not a word.

All I read from you and others is "The system isn't perfect, but it's good enough, and I don't care enough to change it since it really doesn't affect me." All I can gather from the naysayers is they fear doing something that implements a National NTRP, national grievance procedures, and makes the most basic elements of the USTA standardized. There would be no change to any local leagues.

I'm just asking for one example of how my idea hurts anyone but those who manipulate? Where does it hurt honest people? Bueller? Bueller?
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