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Originally Posted by g4driver View Post
Please tell me how my idea is flawed. Give me one example. I understand why people are afraid of change. It's different. People like stability. Last night all I heard from and over 50 crowd was the complaining about the new 40+, 55+ 70+ Age Brackets for the USTA Leagues.

I spoke up and said "Everyone of you can play in two leagues, many of you in three leagues". A 43 year old can play in one league. Under the new system, every one of you can still play in two leagues if you are 49, three leagues if you are 55. How does this hurt you again?" Crickets. Nothing. Not a word.

All I read from you and others is "The system isn't perfect, but it's good enough, and I don't care enough to change it since it really doesn't affect me." All I can gather from the naysayers is they fear doing something that implements a National NTRP, national grievance procedures, and makes the most basic elements of the USTA standardized. There would be no change to any local leagues.

I'm just asking for one example of how my idea hurts anyone but those who manipulate? Where does it hurt honest people? Bueller? Bueller?
The answer is because what's right for one section might not be right for another. Why? I don't know, go ask the sections that do it differently. I'm sure they have thier reasons. Many people have said this. You don't accept it, but that's not our problem.

And I agree that people who re-register with a different number to self-rate at a lower level should face severe punishment. That is blatant cheating, and that's an entirely different issue.
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