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Originally Posted by g4driver View Post
Two or three people certainly isn't many. And again, you can't offer one example, but that's not by problem.

I've asked for honest feedback, and I can't get one example of how my idea hurts honest people. Just one example. I will be asking the Southern Section. I've never asked the question directly to the USTA but I will ask, in person and via email.

Not picking at you JRB, and I appreciate your response, but neither you, OrangePower, Cindy or anyone else has offered one example of how my thought process is flawed. Not one example. All you can offer is "Many people have said this. You don't accept it, but that's not our problem.

You're right on one account. I don't accept the lack of examples or evidence as a reason to let it go.

If one person could offer just one example of where my idea hurts honest people I won't bring it up at the Annual SC meeting. That isn't a very big request. The problem is not one person can do that.
I don't have an example because I don't care why Southern doesn't want to include singles league matches in its NTRP while NorCal does when I live in Middle States and we don't even have singles leagues. If you want an explanation of why it is advantageous for each side to want it the way they do, go ask them. I'm sure there is a good reason for each. You're asking me to do research about somethng that you clearly care deeply about and I don't. Go do the research yourself.
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