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I do kind of agree with Cindy. No offense to him, but G4 did offer several ideas and not just one.

On standardization. If that is done, I assume the National USTA would need to at least initially go with the most conservative model being used. Would G4 be happy for everyone to go to Southern's model? That would be Standardized, but it would not eliminate his concern about the Singles League.

Then Cindy's and Topaz's Singles League would not count, but it would be standardized. G4 is not helped, but the NTRP configuration is standardized.

G4 made some very good points, but when he says to comment on his "idea" I, like Cindy, want to know in one paragraph what his idea is.

As far as cheating. The game of tennis does have a certain amount honor involved. I can beat the head pro at my club if I want to. I just call all of his shots out. In an unofficiated match, he has no recourse. Deterrents can be set up but they cannot eliminate the player or captain who truly want to game the system.
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