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Originally Posted by ian2 View Post
Why not go with the simplest and most obvious approach, and count ALL USTA singles and doubles matches for same-gender leagues and tournaments, in all Sections? These are matches where all parties have a known DNTRP going in... what could be an argument for counting some matches and not counting others? Don't tell me it's the "across Sections re-balancing based on National playoffs": the whole re-balancing idea is demonstrably absurd.

To be clear, I'm not arguing for inclusion of mixed league/tourney results or other "exotic" formats. I think the existing "mixed-exclusive" rating is a good idea.
I don't get your logic. One the one hand, you say to count all same-gender matches, because all parties have a known DNTRP. But then you say you don't want to count mixed results. Why one and not the other?

Methinks whatever justification you're gonna come up with for not including mixed results could easily be extended to argue for not including combo results for example, which of course contradicts your first proposition.
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