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Originally Posted by pvaudio View Post
The liveliness of the gut is a huge factor, but the poly is also equally huge. Let's take three smooth polys of roughly the same gauge: WC Scorpion, WC Silverstring and MSV CoFocus. The gut mains the same, the MSV cross racquet is going to feel like a cannon compared to the Silverstring. That isn't to say that the MSV has poor control. It's exactly the reason why I love natural gut crosses: it lets you fine tune and get the most out of your mains. Poly crosses let you fine tune and get the most out of your gut. YOu basically get all the standard benefits of gut, but then can make it softer, more powerful, more spinny, more control, crisper, etc.
Thanks, PV. Hmm, I have been using Scorp crosses and am now trying Storm Metal crosses at the same tension and with the same gut (WT). The Metal crosses actually feel pretty similar, but maybe a bit softer (it's hard to tell since I didn't try them head to head). I like the control I'm getting, but it still feels kind of stiff to me sometimes and underpowered for some reason. Any predictions on how WT/Scorp, WT/Co-focus, Classic Touch/Scorp, and Classic Touch/Co-focus would compare?
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