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Originally Posted by Torres View Post
I think I'm going to give this whisper touch/co-focus stuff a try to see what the hooo-har is all about.

Unfortunately, I don't have either of those strings lying around...though I can probably get some Co-Focus off the Bay.

Of the gut, I do have:-

1. Klip Legend 1.25
2. Performaxx Touch 17
3. VS 16

Which of those would you recommend with Co-Focus in a 98/18x20 (Youtek Prestige MP) and a 95/18x20 (BLX 6.1)?

Is there another poly cross that you would recommend if I can't get hold of Co-Focus. I have a whole load ranging from WC, Tourna, Polyfibre, Lux etc. Is MSV Focus Hex any good? I have some of that lying around, though of course, its a shaped string.

Have to say though I'm still a bit confused by your reviews. In the WT/Scorpion review you say that you were underwelmed and disappointed with the gut mains, but in the WT/Co-Focus review, you rate everything off the scale. Am I missing something?
No, the poor Scorpion hybrid was with LT strung at too high a tension. The contest then became LT/Scorpion vs. WT/CoFocus. Switching them around makes both worse: CoFocus is just too lively to be used around 40lbs and WT/Scorpion isn't crisp enough.
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