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I didn't feel like going to club tonight, the weather stinks, and I have a bit of sore thought. Anyway I was reading your thread and I was interested in the whisper touch and thunderstring review. Those sound like some pretty good traits to me. I really enjoy the current combo that you strung up, but sometimes when my footwork is not all the way there, the ball goes a bit long. Is thunderstring a multi or a poly, and would you recommend the whisper touch and thunderstring setup for someone like me? We have hit a couple of times, so you kind of know how I play, but I really like to play from the back of the baseline. I would consider myself more of a counterpuncher than a pusher. What do you think?

PS The current setup is still working pretty nice. The poly went dead a while ago, but it is still holding tension fairly well. The gut is shredded, but still holding up. When the footwork is on, I hit such a nice sounding ball. The groundstrokes feel so dominant. If I stay with this setup in the future, I think I might have it strung tighter, to compensate for how powerful the gut is.

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