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No, definitely would not recommend. You know how to make shots, big shot. This is just for the player content with percentage tennis. The guy who doesn't get excited when they hit a great winner or an ace. It's for that sort of person because even when you hit the ball which would otherwise have been a winner because it goes right where you wanted it to and when the other player is in the perfectly wrong position, they still can get to it because there's no weight to it. It's just like feeding balls to different parts of the court. Yeah, you can have superb accuracy, but you're just waiting for someone else's mistake and ONLY that. Think about the guys you probably played in the first to second rounds in tourneys as a junior, the guy who just irritates everyone because he's quick, and puts the ball back where you don't want it, but makes you lose the point instead of him win it? Yeah, he'd love it.
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