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Originally Posted by gavna View Post
Well it sounds like you are just south off 288 between loop 610 and the Beltway just past Reliant Stadium. Your best bet is Memorial Park Tennis Ctr with 20 courts or Lee LaClear with 26 courts. Very easy to get games and join leagues......etc. Both also have stringers who do good jobs, if you check out Mermorial ask for the manager Eric Youmans top Texas player and played at Houston when they had top 5 program back in the 70s. He can help set u up and is awesome guy.

If you want private check out the Downtown MET just off Smith (west side of downtown) that has like 20 indoor courts, can't miss the place as it's on the top Smith St garage next to the ChevronTexaco heritage building.

As for shops the closest would be the very large one on Westheimer and Wilcrest just west of the Beltway they have everything you need and top stringers.

Honestly it's a good place, but they are more expensive than TW. If you're getting like a bunch of stuff, you're better off buying on TW to be honest. Even with the 5.95 shipping, you still save and you don't have to pay the 8.25% Texas tax. And even better if you order 75 or more worth of stuff off here.

For racket stringing, unless you live very close to TW it's expensive. 15 per racket is tough plus if you don't want to make 2 trips, then you'll likely want them to expedite it, so that's 18 bucks a racket... I know a pretty reliable guy who strings for 10 per racket and he usually gets it back in a day or so, plus he lives so much closer to me. But to each their own.
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