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Bullet Points for those who asked:

1) Have all Sections meet at the USTA National Annual Meeting to discuss then vote on this policy. All USTA Sections will count the same leagues toward NTRP. There are no exceptions.

--If Sections don't have Single's Leagues, Combo or other leagues, those leagues would not be counted in any NTRP calculations except:

a) those players playing in these leagues would be subject to strikes against them per current or revised USTA procedures. This solves the problem of sandbaggers at 4.5, who self-rate at 3.5, then bagel, 0&1, and 1-1 4.0C rated players.

2) The USTA develops and implements one National set of procedures regarding how, what, when and where grievances are filed, and how, what and who will rule on grievances. Standardized policy for vacating wins when players are DQed, and standardized punishment for known and willful violations of USTA rules regarding league play.

These are two very simple things I think the USTA could and should do to standardize the USTA from x number of Sections "doing their own thing", to a National Organization that applies to everyone.

I don't see these two bullet points negatively affecting anyone other than those players who choose to manipulate a system with "Honesty" as the primary safe-guard.

I'm sorry for the delayed post. I didn't look at this board since the last post I made. This is a forum. I can take anyone feedback including those who disagree, but if you are going to disagree, don't put words in my mouth like one guy tried.

I asked for one example of how a standardized USTA NTRP and grievance procedure hurts any honest player. I am stilling waiting for the example. I am asking the Southern Section to look at my idea. They might say "No thank you", but I can promise you the Self-Rated 3.5 player's stats who beat down the 4.0C players in the Single's League are going to get front and center in the USTA's office with me asking some pointed questions to the apathy that allows this to happen.
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