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Originally Posted by XSTF View Post
From a teaching professional point of view this is great video watching one of the greatest players of the modern era take a serving lesson. The message here is that you are never good enough to go back to basics.
Rafa and his camp has denied to the press that Oscar helped his serve. Yesterday 11/3/11 in Spain Nadal was asked about the video and the lesson, he said the only thing Oscar did was to waste his time for 1/2 hr.
Thanks for posting. I've enjoyed many of your videos. Probably my two favorites are the tossing video (keep your tossing arm parallel to the baseline like the pros) and the analysis of the Federer/Henin backhand ("the little L"). This serve video will join them as not just a glimpse at Rafa working on his serve, but how anyone can break down their service motion to work on different parts, then build it back up again.

julien posted this video yesterday during a discussion of Jim McLennan's kick serve video. I would have missed it except Will Hamilton (Fuzzy Yellow Balls) posted a "thank you" for the interesting video.

I hope you will continue to bring your insights to us on talk tennis.

I do remember seeing your analysis of Nadal's serve changes last year:
Nadal's new serve: It's not just a grip Adjustment!

But some above have questioned your relationship with Oscar Borras. Do you think Oscar gave you the footage of him with Rafa in anticipation of you posting it to help substantiate his claims for changing his serve?

And what is your take on Oscar's "lawsuit"? Just what is he suing over? Is this a "publicity stunt" to bring attention to himself and his tennis academy?
A coach sues to recognize that Nadal has improved his serve http://latestsports-update.blogspot....nadal-has.html

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