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Originally Posted by gavna View Post
You know they will price match and often beat other prices. I think it's good to shop local - making the effort to keep both TW and competitors strong good for all. You really don't want to have just one retailer dominating the market, competition good......we used to have close to a dozen shops here, now only Two real full time shops (I'm not sure if the place in Little Saigon/Chinatown still open: all he had was Yonex anyway) I heard a third opened then closed and relocated to the new Tennis Complex south of The Woodlands.
I didn't think about requesting a price match. I hate to be that customer, typically I'll just find the better deal and buy from that place. I always feel like a dick if I walk in or ask them to price match something.

I just bought some socks from there though. They were having buy 4 packs get 15% off, so it basically worked out as a buy 3 packs of socks and get the 4th for free sale.
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