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something else thats related here..

do you think that his new service motion could also be key to the problems hes having with djokovic right now?

in that part of the video where it was about rafas tossing arm coming too far back and not staying out in front unabling him to fully transfer his weight into the raquet and forward into the court as if he was going to S&V i immediately thought about how much he has struggled with djokovics returns this year.
the problem usually being that his new service motion is getting him too far into the court and he is not able to take a step back from there in time to get ready for a deep return, which youll constantly get from djokovic this season.
i lost count just on how many times a deep return from djokovic landed on rafas shoes during the wimby or USO finals forcing rafa to UE or at least give a weak response that novak could take advantage of to get himself into a good position early in the point.

i think this immediate step back to the baseline after your front foot touches ground at the end of the service motion is something very vital in the pros game (unless of course youre going to charge anyway). cause if you get a short return there will still be enough time to step back into the court but if you get a deep one youre sitting duck at a couple feet into the court.
if nadal somehow manages to take a faster step back right after he touches ground i think he would get under alot less pressure in his service games against djokovic right now
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