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Originally Posted by tennis_balla View Post
Have you ever seen a video of Federer, Nadal, Djoko etc training?
Yes... Not that I agree with the shenanigans,, and some in private setting:

There was some early career training of Fed using gadgets on court released. They may have been removed by now but they existed. Here is one of them: 3A60D77E4DF27870F4E13A60D77E4DF27870F4&first=0&FOR M=LKVR20

Here is an intense off court training Nada was doing on treadmills and other off court drills in private setting or maybe a different one not so intense. 178358F3D920195F3CC1178358F3D92019&first=0&FORM=LK VR2

video of Djoko when Todd Martin was working with him on his serve in public setting,

Personally I do not see the big deal. What is shown in that video can be seen on courts all over the world. I have not read the “stuff” on this. Is the Nadal camp upset with the video? They could have asked for the camera to be turned off if it was a concern to them.. no?
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