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Originally Posted by Totai View Post
I was up 6-0 5-0 (40 - 0) serving for the match. I double faulted, (40-15), double faulted again (40-30), then double faulted a 3rd time (deuce), then guess what? another double fault (ad out), then, you guessed it, 5 double faults in 1 game, in a row. I ended up losing the match 6-0,6-7,1-6
You sir, are the winner!

Just goes to show, in tennis you're never out of it until you lose the last point.

I had a league match where I was up 6-0, 5-0, with me serving for the match. I decided this was a good time to practice my serve-and-volley, which is not my usual style. Needless to say, I lost that game, and the following three. That left us back on serve with my opponent serving at 4-5 to even up the second set. Luckily I was able to break him to win the match, otherwise who knows what would have happened - by then I had lost confidence in my ability to hold serve.
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