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Originally Posted by Clarky21 View Post
And just who would that be? Nadal? The same declining shell of himself Nadal? The one who is a mental midget these days? **** has managed to win so much this year for multiple reasons,one of which is a weaker than weak field where even most of the top 10 is pathetic. I told you the other day that he has not been unbeatable since Rome and that players just need to keep the pressure on when they're playing him,and not quit while they're ahead. Nishikori did both of those things well today,and **** lost. He should have had many more losses this year considering how many times players have choked against him while up sets,breaks,etc...Nadal being the worst culprit of this especially in IW(where Nadal completely outplayed him through a set and half until his serve deserted him)and Miami. And let's not forget how Roger choked away a 2 set lead,and 2 match points on his own serve at the USO. Imo,**** never should have beaten Baggy yesterday,and wouldn't have if Baggy would have just kept his level up instead of folding the way he did.
Were you in a coma during the Djokovic/Nadal matches in IW and Miami? LOL! Completely outplayed Djokovic until the choke? How about Djokovic raising his level and starting to give Nadal all sorts of trouble in many of those grinding rallies and forcing Nadal to go for winners and bigger serves?
As for Roger choking? That's the story of his career. LOL!
Baggy lost because he's not good enough. All this choking BS is out the door. You've never played a sport in your life it seems.
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