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Originally Posted by Mike Cottrill View Post
Yes... Not that I agree with the shenanigans,, and some in private setting:

There was some early career training of Fed using gadgets on court released. They may have been removed by now but they existed. Here is one of them: 3A60D77E4DF27870F4E13A60D77E4DF27870F4&first=0&FOR M=LKVR20

Here is an intense off court training Nada was doing on treadmills and other off court drills in private setting or maybe a different one not so intense. 178358F3D920195F3CC1178358F3D92019&first=0&FORM=LK VR2

video of Djoko when Todd Martin was working with him on his serve in public setting,

Personally I do not see the big deal. What is shown in that video can be seen on courts all over the world. I have not read the “stuff” on this. Is the Nadal camp upset with the video? They could have asked for the camera to be turned off if it was a concern to them.. no?
The video from Federer was taken when he was still a junior, big difference. Have you ever seen a training session with Federer from Dubai in the off season where he flies in 3 top juniors or other players and takes them on one by one in the heat while they drop like flies and he's still going?

The Nadal video is an official video released by the Nadal camp, again thats different.

The Djoko - Todd Martin video, geez I'm not surprised he's no longer his coach lol

This to me is the only real training video that I've seen out there being released and even that doesn't show too much. There's a series of them, about 3 or 4 maybe? Can't remember now
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