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Choke and win in same match:

Yesterday I'm playing a 5.0 who's won the singles league the last two years while staying undefeated. I lost to him last year 10-6 (we've since changed the scoring format). Anyway, I win the first set 6-4. Playing solid tennis, we go into the second set, trade a few breaks and I break him to go up 5-4. So serving for the match, I double fault to get broken and then lose the next two games. Lose 2nd set 7-5. In the match breaker, I'm down 6-3. I win the next 7 points to win the breaker 10-6 and the match.

This was a big win because 2 weeks ago I played a 5.0 where I won the first set 7-6, then lost 2-6, 10-5 and lost the match.

Not the worst chokes ever, but disappointing when you're playing against guys that are .5 above you.

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