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Originally Posted by pringles View Post
That's why he never beat Andre in either the Australian or the French Open?
At the US Open only once beat Andre easily in 1990 and Andre could've well beaten him in 1995,2001 or 2002 cause he had his chances. In fact, if they actually played a 5th set in any of the slams after 1996, Sampras would get breadsticked as he was in 2000 AO.

Also, didn't Agassi push Sampras to the brink at Wimbledon in 1993 playing with an injured wrist which affected his serve?
What is the GS record between Agassi and Sampras?

When I saw the 1990 USO final, I had seen quite of Agassi but never even heard of Sampras.But that final proved I was seeing one of the greatest players ever...he fooled around with Agassi, who was considered the terror of courts...
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