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Originally Posted by Carlo Giovanni Colussi View Post
With a little luck Newcombe won the US Open : in the final Kodes was burnt. Both players had played the semis the day before but Newk had a 3-set win from Rosewall while Kodes had played after the Aussies and his match against Smith has ended around midnight.
Hi Carlo. The USO did not have night matches under lights until '75. The '73 semi ended in near-darkness, with everyone almost unable to see:

Originally Posted by Carlo Giovanni Colussi View Post
About Kodes, of course no one can claim he would have won for sure however he was clearly at a disadvantage and Newk himself recognized that Jan had played unbelievably for two sets and besides Newcombe wasn't probably as strong in September 1973 as he was in early 1974
For what it's worth Kodes said after the final that he had never seen Newk play better. I've seen the last half of the match, and it's high quality, very entertaining. All the reports I've read from the time also praise the quality on both sides. The New York Times said it was "considered by many who saw it to be one of the most brilliant ever played on the grass at the West Side Tennis Club." They noted how well Kodes was running and returning serve. Newk said that for the first three sets Kodes had an answer for everything he did.

Kodes was asked if he was tired and he said, "Not tired, but it is hard to play semis and finals on successive days."
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