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Yes it is possible that there were other bad calls in favour of Kodes however none hypothetical bad call was as important as that one given it enabled Smith to even the score (1 set all instead of 0 set to 2) which is hugely different.
so was the bad call the reason Kodes lost the 3rd set 6-1? Its a pretty big assumption to say Kodes would have won in 3 had he gone up 2 sets to love.

They noted how well Kodes was running and returning serve. Newk said that for the first three sets Kodes had an answer for everything he did.
was pretty surprised by the negative body language of Newcombe at the end of the 3rd set(throwing his hands up when Kodes hit winners. Kramer seemed pretty shocked, he thought those gestures were implying that Newk thought Kodes was hitting 'lucky shots.')

Kodes' groundies were very impressive, esp to those used to seeing primarily slice bh's by players of that time(if it was a groundie to groundie battle with Newk it would have been no contest)

Funny to see Court's first comments in that article directed to Riggs.

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