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Originally Posted by Morgan View Post
48 yr old here-
Going through my second calf strain in 3 yrs. Same leg/location. I neglect to stretch as I should, but I'm not so sure that had any affect on causing the re-injury.

I'm curious what you're doing to prevent reinjury. I used to run 3 miles every other day but stopped it for the last month before the injury and I wonder if that lack of exercise had anything to do with it. Was it poor hydration on my part?

I'd hate to give up tennis, but I can't have this happen every year. It's totally incapacitating - crutches for a few days, pain, etc.

I know what you're saying about having compassion - I definitely have more empathy for what others with injuries go through now.

Wonder what you're doing to prevent re-occurrence.
Stopping your running program may have had an influence. But you don't have to exlcusively run to build up your legs. Squats and deadlifts can actually build muscle. Cycling can be a less "pounding" alternative instead of always running.

Most "strains" represent microscopic tears in tendon or muscle. That heals with scar tissue [rather than regrowing true muscle or tendon tissue], and places you at increased risk for reinjury.

Before any tennis play always do a dynamic warm up, rather than static stretching.

Stretching after play, and in the morning and night can help maintain flexibility, and might help prevent a recurrence.
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