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Originally Posted by Polaris
That is totally incorrect. Mirza packs a great deal of power on her forehand. If that is not a weapon, I don't know what is. The problem with Mirza, other than her lack of natural athleticism, is that her "weapon" is wayward. She pulls the trigger, but often cannot control her shot.

The real reason that the result is not a surprise is that Hingis has a far superior tennis brain than Mirza. Once Hingis figures out how to weather Sania's power and makes her feel bad about moving side to side, she has won half the battle.
Saw her lose to M. Krajicek 6-3 7-5 at the AO and for the life of me couldn't see why ppl rate her so highly. They say MK is unfit and needs to lose weight, but she looked like a gazelle (with more weapons) by comparison.
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