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Originally Posted by Kcraig View Post
Have been playing with plain ole' Wilson NXT 16g (mini reels are an aweseome deal) lately in my Prince EXO3 Tour 16*18 strung at 55# in an attempt to finally whip this nagging GE!! It is a crisper multi, but in the super flexy/soft EXO it plays great. I get tons of pocketing and control, but am also getting tons of spin and bite! Also, although the Prince is a pretty wide 16*18 pattern I am experiencing minimal string movement--especially for the first 5 or so hours. Durability is also impressive lasting right around the 12 hour mark (I do use string savers at notching areas which may help here).
I think i have finally found s super "elbow friendly" setup that still allows me to play aggressively and consistent.

All in all, impressed with this string setup and with the mini reels on sale at TW ($33.00) you are getting 3 full sets at only $11.00/per. Now, will I continue to play this string at upwards of $17/per pack--not sure, but right now am really enjoying the "boring" setup, but most importantly being able to play PAIN FREE!!
Interesting... what other multis would you or others recommend in a full job, and also as a poly hybrid with the Exo 100?

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