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Originally Posted by bad_call View Post
hit a bit with B5E/ThunderB in the AG100. good string but a bit more powerful than i'd like. not enough dwell time (ball pocketing). would be great for full on attack mode but my legs weren't up to that today. stay tuned....
What tension are you playing it at? I had to bump my B5E to 52 with Thunder Blast at 56. A little higher than most of the low tension hybrids we are typically hearing about. Agreed about this being a great setup for full on attack mode.

Originally Posted by Kenny022593 View Post
Mikeler, have you tried Dunlop DNA?
I have not tried that one yet.

Originally Posted by Kcraig View Post
Have been playing with plain ole' Wilson NXT 16g (mini reels are an aweseome deal) lately in my Prince EXO3 Tour 16*18 strung at 55# in an attempt to finally whip this nagging GE!! It is a crisper multi, but in the super flexy/soft EXO it plays great. I get tons of pocketing and control, but am also getting tons of spin and bite! Also, although the Prince is a pretty wide 16*18 pattern I am experiencing minimal string movement--especially for the first 5 or so hours. Durability is also impressive lasting right around the 12 hour mark (I do use string savers at notching areas which may help here).
I think i have finally found s super "elbow friendly" setup that still allows me to play aggressively and consistent.

All in all, impressed with this string setup and with the mini reels on sale at TW ($33.00) you are getting 3 full sets at only $11.00/per. Now, will I continue to play this string at upwards of $17/per pack--not sure, but right now am really enjoying the "boring" setup, but most importantly being able to play PAIN FREE!!
Hopefully that elbow pain goes away for good. $17 for a multi is too much. Might as well go back to natty at that price.
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