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Originally Posted by Tchocky
That's no surprise. Mirza doesn't have any weapons that she can hurt you with. Hingis has been awesome this year.
I do not consider myself a big women's tennis fan, but I would have enjoyed this match.
Mirza certainly has weapons, but I agree with Tchocky that she'd be hard pressed to hurt a cerebral player who likes pace (i.e. M. Hingis).

Having only seen her play three or four times, I would characterize Mirza as a banger with a large forehand and limited mobility. Kind of a small, less athletic, less quick Serena, maybe? I do not think she has much disguise or nuance to her game yet (but she's young...and she has studied under Bob Brett, so her future probably holds good things). In any case, Hingis continues to excel at picking apart this type of player.
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