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Originally Posted by Polaris
Yours!05, most of the people that rate Sania highly are from India, and we have never seen a woman break into the top 40. That is why she is so big in India. I find it depressing that Mirza's emergence is somehow associated with the emancipation of the Indian woman - that is taking things too far - but I am excited about the possibility of more Indian players emerging in both the men's and women's section. Its a bit like England winning the Ashes . Suddenly, everyone sang the praises of the British team saying that team had finally matured into a great unit, only to find themselves dumbfounded at the rout against Pakistan.

About my previous post, I wasn't rating Mirza too highly at all, just trying to be truthful about her limitations. She is a very limited player and people who understand tennis have no problem figuring that out. She is rated highly not because of her game, but because of the potential changes that she, and others following in her steps, are likely to bring about. I am most definitely not a fan of her game.
Thanks Polaris. Certainly the problems she faces make Andy Murray's "Great Hope" pressures seem minute, and I hope it is the beginning of wider participation in tennis.
(Glad to see someone has perspective on the Ashes victory, and after. )
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