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Originally Posted by Kcraig View Post
I have also tried the black French Open version of Xcel 16g at 55# and preferred the NXT--plus the mini reel price is the reel (pun intended) bargain here. Am going to get through the cooler months here and not use any polys until elbow completely healed and temps are warm again.

As for poly hybrids, i did have a brief hit with B5E/Max Touch at 52/56 and did not love it--wish i had gone lower. The B5E seems to work better at lower tensions and my stringer uses a Babolat Star 5 and that baby strings tight as hell! Think 48/52 wld be better. But for now, the full NXT at 55 provides great spin, pop, control and touch with unreal ball pocketing/cupping--jst feels like the ball sinks in the strings and then "point and shoot" As said many times--just a fun stick to hit with!!

It is interesting how really soft strings just don't feel as good in the PK 7G or the Exo Tour. The rackets absorb so much shock they almost beg for you to add at least a little stiffness (not that NXT is stiff at all). I don't think I would enjoy the softest multis in the 7G.
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