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Originally Posted by tball2day View Post
No, it's a sectional tournament, every section has these, it is not open to all national juniors, so much smaller pool.

Tournament Notes
This tournament is a Level 3 singles and doubles (18's doubles only) tournament for USTA national ranking purposes.....This event is open to all juniors that reside in Southern California and are US Citizens or in possession of a valid green card. The tournament committee reserves the right to request any player during the tournament to provide an Alien registration card....
Agree. Winning a sectional is no big deal..
My son has won them, and he is no future pro...

But, I looked this up, and it appears that DB won the whole Nike tournament.

If so, that would be a big deal.

Anyone know who won the 12's Nike Junior Tournament? Am I correct, is it DB?

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