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Originally Posted by BSPE84 View Post
LOL! If I were you, I'd quit while I'm ahead and save myself further embarrassment...

And anybody who says that winning the Socal Sectional Championships is "no big deal" is either a very achieved player, or more likely in your case - has no idea what real tennis is about .
First, you stated that a sectional is a Level 3, it is not....

It is a level 5, and only open to kids in that section....

( that is a very important distinction....).

Winning a sectional is no big deal... because you are not dealing with

Level 3 is open to all kids across the nation, but that being said, L3 are not that strong either. L3 are also pretty low on the totem pole of points.
My son has won a L3, and except for two other kids, it was a weak draw...

( Level 1 - Winter Nationals, Easter Bowl, Zoo....
that is where the best kids are and winning a L1 there is impressive and a wow and a big deal....,
and the points here are huge, and will propel you to the top of the USTA list.)
If my son ever won anything like this.... then yes, I would be on this board
and I would be bragging about my son like DB's dad brags about DB.

Once again, on this board, there is sarcasm, and expressions are written with rancor.
It is hard to share information when there is so much belittlement.

I offer just the facts about the distinctions between the levels,
and in I get nasty barbs in return.

I said this before, and I will repeat it, other boards treat everyone who has a different opinion with respect,
and if they disagree......... back up their debate with factual information so that it is a learning experience for all.

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