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Originally Posted by mojojojo View Post
I don't care to discuss who beat who or won what, but tennis5 is correct on all of the tournament descriptions. A sectional level tournament that awards national points may be called a Level 3, 4, or 5, but it is not on the same tier as a true National Level 3 (there aren't National Level 4 and 5s, just sectional) where registration is open to everyone in the country. It is not considered a "National." This is evidenced by the points received nationally, at one versus the other. A Level 3 National pays off many more points than a Sectional tournament that gives some national points called a Level 3.

Regardless of section, the level of play at a National Level 3 is completely different than a sectional event that offers national points. A player may win a sectional in any section, but may or may not be competitive in a National event. (This may not be as true with the new restructuring with Segments now as the competitive level of the Level 3 National has dropped.)

When a junior wins a National Level 1, 2 or 3, that has much more challenge, reward and prestige than any sectional tournament, in any section. If you say your player won a National, when it is in fact a sectional tournament, you will get some funny looks and they will assume you do not understand the system.

The only thing I disagree with tennis5's last post is that our player did win a Level 1 and I wouldn't want anything more than this mention on this forum. Players read this too, and much of the banter regarding individual juniors from a parent/coach or others, often times seem inappropriate. But free speech rules, just my opinion.

Thanks Mojojojo for jumping in with some factual information.

And in regards to your last paragraph, I do agree.

First, congrats to your child on a L1 win.

I did say my comment about bragging on the internet tongue in cheek,
as the probability of my son winning an L1 is as likely as our country having no deficit.

But, while you brought that up, it is a good opportunity to segue ( yes, I usually spell that segway) to another topic..

As I have said in the past, I am not a big fan of posting videos of your child on You Tube,
or sharing information about children on the internet.

I pulled the following off a blog from an article entitled:

Parents Responsibilities to their Children’s Privacy Online

We are parents who once took seriously the warnings to keep our personal details, even our real names, off the Internet…yet now we are a generation of parents who create YouTube channels on behalf of our small children, gladly sharing their real full names and locations, in the hopes of having their singing talents discovered.

I feel like some bloggers forget that their children are actual real live people who will one day grow up and desire privacy. People who will want to own the choice as to what is shared about them online, what they disclose.
Will my children, years from now, want this information on the Internet?

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